• Murano Weekly Meeting 2015.08.18

    Meeting time:   2015.August.18th 1:00~2:00

    Chairperson:    Nikolay Starodubtsev, from Mirantis

    Meeting summary:

    1.Migrating to yaql 1.0 status.

       PIC:       Stan Lagun

       Status:   The Community decided to fix legacy mode function in yaql.

          Because the legacy mode was intended to emulate yaql 0.2 behavior,

          and we see several constructs that do not work any more in yaql 1.0.

          There are two breaking changes as follows:

          1) In yaql 0.2 you could say $key in $dict (as in Python).

            In yaql 1.0 you could say $key in $dict.keys(), $key in $dict.values().

            and $dict itself is not iterable.

          2) In yaql 0.2 foo() != true would be true if foo would return string, integer, whatever.

              In yaql 1.0 if foo would return non-boolean value that would cause exception to be thrown.

       Action:   Fix yaql legacy mode and release yaql 1.0 rc3 after successful deployment.


    2.Glance Artifact Repository(glance v3) transition status.

       PIC:       Alexander Tivelkov 

       Action: VM images are one example of artifacts, but artifacts could also be Murano Application Packages,

          Mistral Workbooks, Heat templates or Solum Plan Files.

          The code in python-muranoclient has to wait till the fixes are in place.

          We'll have to add artifacts support to python-muranoclient afterwards.

     Link:   https://www.mirantis.com/blog/openstack-glances-artifacts/

    3.Add support for heat environments.

       PIC:       Michal Gershenzon

     Status: Enable the user to choose one environment from all environment files

          located in the package under /Resources/HotEnvironments to be deployed

          with the heat template as part of a Murano environment.

          This function works well, but the main risk is about the Murano Dashboard UI.

          1) When the hot template parameters has no defaults, the UI user must enter parameter values, even if there is an environment that already contains them.

          2) When the hot template parameters has defaults and the user clear the defaults and leaves the fields empty, the UI still sends the parameters with null values.

          3) The current implementation effects values validation.

       Action: Verify the following link don't break anything and then produce next steps with UI.

     Link:   https://review.openstack.org/#/c/211608/

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