• Murano Weekly Meeting 2015.08.25

    Meeting time:   2015.August.25th 1:00~2:00

    Chairperson:    Serg Melikyan, PTL from Mirantis

    Meeting summary:

    1.Migrating to yaql 1.0 status.

       PIC:       Stan Lagun

       Status:   Murano CI was broken because of the yaql migration to Murano Engine.

          It cause that no bugs or blue prints had been merged in the past week.

          But now the yaql 1.0.0 has been released.

          And we should retrigger all the things. e.g. Murano CI.

          So we can finally remove this item from our weekly meetings.


    2.Glance Artifact Repository(glance v3) transition status.

       PIC:       Alexander Tivelkov 

       Action: We're going to copy-paste some of v3 client functionality into muranoclient.

          The community agreed to develop new glance client functionality

          in future branch and copy to murano client.

          For now supporting for artifact repository should be considered experimental for Liberty.

     Link:   https://www.mirantis.com/blog/openstack-glances-artifacts/

    3.Add support for heat environments.

       PIC:       Michal Gershenzon

     Status: Enable the user to choose one environment from all environment files

          located in the package under /Resources/HotEnvironments to be deployed

          with the heat template as part of a Murano environment.

          This function works well, but the code review is stuck by yaql migration.

     Link:   https://review.openstack.org/#/c/211608/

    4.Weekly work. 

          Thanks zhong sir's spec.

          According to the spec, I have submit three bugs for python murano client.

          And the three bugs have already been merged in Liberty.

          So i think we can share more ideas and ways to us.

          It is very useful for us to forward.

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