• FeatureTable()

    abstract                                                            long         addFeature(Feature feature)                
    Adds the given feature to the table.
                abstract                                                            long[]         addFeatures(List<Feature> features)                
    Adds the given features to the table.
                abstract                                                            void         deleteFeature(long featureId)                
    Deletes the specified feature from the table.
                abstract                                                            void         deleteFeatures(long[] featureId)                
    Deletes the specified features from the table.
                abstract                                                            String         getCopyright()                
    Gets the copyright information.
                abstract                                                             Envelope         getExtent()                
    Returns the full extent associated with this feature table.
                abstract                                                             Feature         getFeature(long id)                
    Retrieves the feature with the given ID from the table.
                abstract                                                             FeatureResult         getFeatures(long[] ids)                
    Retrieves the features with the given IDs from the table.
                abstract                                                             Field         getField(String fieldName)                
    Returns the Field object with the specified field name.
                abstract                                                            List<Field>         getFields()                
    Returns all the Fields in the table.
                abstract                                                            long         getNumberOfFeatures()                
    Gets the number of features in the table.
                abstract                                                             SpatialReference         getSpatialReference()                
    Returns the spatial reference that the geometries in this table are in.
                abstract                                                            String         getTableName()                
    This returns the table name as defined by the table type.
    abstract boolean         hasGeometry()                
    This returns true if this feature table has a geometry column.
                abstract                                                            boolean         isEditable()                
    Checks if the table can be edited.
                abstract                                                            Future<FeatureResult>         queryFeatures(QueryParameters query, CallbackListener<FeatureResult> callback)                
    Queries the table using the given query parameters, and returns an iterator  of features found by the query.
                abstract                                                            Future<long[]>         queryIds(QueryParameters query, CallbackListener<long[]> callback)                
    Queries the table using the given query parameters, and returns an array  of feature IDs found by the query.
                                                                            String         toString()          
                abstract                                                            void         updateFeature(long featureId, Feature feature)                
    Updates the feature specified by the unique feature ID.
                abstract                                                            void         updateFeatures(long[] featureIds, List<Feature> features)                
    Updates the features specified by the array of feature IDs passed in.
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