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  • SAP CRM WebClient UI和ABAP Webdynpro页面的互相跳转

    Now I have another solution to navigate to ABAP webdynpro page via CRM navigation framework.
    The CRM navigation framework is using a so-called navigation object which can tell framwork what the target UI view and the respective operation ( Display, Edit, Search etc ). The navigation object relies heavily on CRM ui concept like UI object type, BOR and BOL type which do not make sense for a ABAP Webdynpro page.
    So the main idea of this solution is, to use a wrapper CRM ui component which encapsulate ABAP webdynpro page and make configurations to achieve the navigation from source UI component to the wrapper component. After the wrapper component is opened, it will then open ABAP webdynpro page itself.

    The finaly result would look like below:

    compared with the solution in my previous blog, this solution does not need any enhancement on standard UI component, instead only several customizing work
    ( with corresponding mapper class development )and the development of a new wrapper UI component with tiny effort. The main steps are below:


    create a simple wrapper UI component. ( Please ignore view main, which is for another blog )

    create an inbound plug for window MainWindow and implement as below.

      method IP_FROM_WF.
        data(lo_entity) = iv_collection->get_first( ).
        CHECK lo_entity IS NOT INITIAL.
        data(lv_guid) = lo_entity->get_property_as_string( ‘DOCMNT’ ).
        cl_zmeta_mainwindow_impl=>gv_url = zcl_url_utility=>get_url( CONV #( lv_guid ) ).

    The idea is to get the target ABAP webdynpro page url from iv_collection which is passed by CRM navigation framwork and set it to a static attribute of window controller class. That gv_url is just used in view windowOpen.htm. So it means when this wrapper UI component view is about to be rendered, it will open the target ABAP webdynpro page via javascript window.open.


    SM30, view name BSPDLCV_OBJ_TYPE create a new UI object type. please AlWAYS double check in the system whether there are already existing UI object type in the system!
    Here I create a new UI object type CRM_WF. You can input any name in BOL Object name. There is no validation check, just input a meaningful name.
    The Genil component specified here will be loaded automatically by framework in the runtime. In most time your ABAP webdynpro page does not have respective Genil component in CRM, you just can maintain a dummy one.


    create a new entry in table CRMS_UI_OBJ_MAP. The object name comes from step2.

    the mapping class must implement interface IF_CRM_UI_OBJ_MAPPER. If your scenario is just navigation from CRM ui to ABAP webdynpro,
    you only need to implement GET_ENTITY_FROM_UI_OBJECT.
    Here I just retrieve respective document data from database with document key passed in from framework ( iv_entty_key_value )


    in SPRO-Customer Relationship Management-UI Framework-Technical Role Definition-Define Work Area Component Repository:
    create a new entry for your wrapper UI component:

    in inbound Plug Definition, create one entry:

    in SPRO-Customer Relationship Management-UI Framework-Technical Role Definition-Define Navigation Bar Profile:
    create an entry in “Define Generic Outbound Plug mapping” for your profile.

    And that’s all.


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